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Grief Care

Whether dealing with the loss of a baby, the choice of abortion, or a child’s devastating diagnosis, the pain is very real and the grief overwhelming. MAPS is here to help.

MAPS offers care after the loss of a child from miscarriage, still birth or newborn death. Sadly, especially with miscarriage, infant loss is very common. In the face of what seems an everyday occurrence many well-meaning people think you should just be able to ‘get over it’ but it doesn’t work that way. The program at MAPS compassionately cares for the woman and gives her permission to grieve and time to heal.

MAPS also deals with the loss of a child from abortion. So many women struggle with a decision made in the past but cannot tell anyone of their pain. The “Forgiven and Set Free” program helps women face that loss and the damage it has done to their own lives.

In 2015 we launched a program called Eva’s Footprints for families facing a devastating diagnosis for their child. We provide emotional support, help with birth/parenting plans, ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy, and guidance through all stages of the grief process. At MAPS parents find a safe place for expression and to find answers to their questions.

Guided to discover the hope and healing that only Christ can give, clients become whole again, and often ready to reach out and help others who have experienced the same loss.