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Mountain Area Preg­nancy Ser­vices (MAPS), previously Asheville Pregnancy Support Services, provides compassionate care to women and men dealing with all the issues surrounding an at risk pregnancy. Our client advocates are specially trained to deal with these distinctive problems.

For those facing the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy we meet them at their POINT OF CRISIS. The impact goes beyond just the man and the woman but can extend to family, friends and others. An unplanned pregnancy is often an unwanted pregnancy and abortion seems like the ‘right’ choice – the only choice.

Nearly half of all women of childbearing age will have an abortion in her lifetime-
with facts like these we are not only dealing with lives in crisis but a culture in crisis.

Our education program supports parents, teens, student pastors and educators to help students excel beyond the influence of today’s culture. Our goal is to equip them with the necessary information and tools to flourish in relationships and as leaders. When teens embrace this vision they make choices that promote their spiritual, mental and physical health that includes saving sexual activity for marriage.

In addition to pregnancy care and education, MAPS offers grief care services for those who have lost a child due to miscarriage, still birth, newborn death, or abortion. Support services are also provided to those families facing a devastating diagnosis for their child. For the 20-33% of families who do choose to continue the pregnancy in face of this life altering news it can be a long and very discouraging journey. MAPS offers a pathway through this grief with HOPE!